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Bonaire Vacation::: Alternative Living

More and more people on Bonaire are seeking out and embracing the habits of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The sustainability movement on Bonaire is growing and the opportunities to participate are endless. As the residents of Bonaire work to create an infrastructure to support their alternative lifestyles, visitors to the island have the amazing opportunity to help support their efforts. This includes buying organic foods, supporting local farmer's markets, visiting the round-the-corner yoga studio, and receiving massage or physiotherapy. You are also invited to practice Tai Chi on the water, try local medicines, and stop by the bicycle shops.

Alternative Living:

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So how do you put sustainability into practice on Bonaire?

Local and organic foods are available from a number of sources. Once you've accepted grocery shopping on Bonaire as usually not a one-stop venture, it's easier to stop at the Venezuelan market for the most compromisingly local selection of fruits and vegetables. With regards to purchasing food in general, be conscious of packaging. The Venezuelan market, in addition to being a great source of local fruits and vegetables, also sells them in bulk (i.e. without styrofoam and plastic packaging). The Warehouse and Van den Tweel also have smaller to larger selections of vegetables and fruit in bulk.

Farmer's markets in Bonaire are picking up both speed and popularity. A monthly market organized by the Go Green Natural & Organic Shop began in December 2010. It's held in front of the yellow Catholic church. The farmer's market begins at 8:00 AM and runs 'till 2:00 PM. There are a variety of stalls that sell: seeds, local honey, Bonaire salt scrub, fruit, vegetables, etc.

Marshe di Rincon is also a monthly farmer's market that takes place the first Saturday of every month. Rincon is the oldest town in Bonaire, and the market is held along its historic main street. It runs from 8 AM to 4 PM.

Truly local food produced on the isle of Bonaire is hard to come by, though not impossible. Small-scall agriculture was practiced successfully for several hundred years, and now, residents are slowly recognizing the reality of locally produced food and its positive economic and environment impact. Sustainably grown and locally produced fruits and vegetables can be found at the monthly farmer's markets and Krusada, an NGO that promotes rehabilitation and vegetable production. Krusada sells their produce every Monday from 11 AM to 12PM.

There are a number of fitness center's on Bonaire, the question is, what kind of exercise are you looking for? Bonaire Health & Fitness Center and BonFysiotherape offer the standard fare of cardio classes, machines, and personal trainers. Fit 4 Life has machines, but also offers classes like pilates and tae bo. A Place for You is a small and, depending on where you live, a round-the-corner yoga studio. Don and Desiree Seaver of A Place for You teach yoga classes at both Bon Bida Spa & Gym and Bonaire Basics.

Bonaire Basics also offers massage, physiotherapy, classes in Non-Violent Communication, body stress release, and coordinates a range of speakers, work-shops, and films.

Bonaire Spa & Fitness

Company Telephone
A Place for You +599 786 6416
Bonaire Basics +599 717 3041 or +599 786 3341
Bonaire Health & Fitness Center +599 717 5860 +599 787 0158
BonFysiotherapie and Bon Bida Spa & Gym +599 717 7030
Fit 4 Life +599 717 2500 ext 8210

Bonaire Body Health

Company Telephone
Bonaire Basics +599 717 3041 or +599 786 3341
The Spa & Surf Massage Hut at Lac Bay +599 780 0393 or +599 717 2288
Majestic Journeys +599 717 2482
Flamingo Services Bonaire +599 717 2972 or +599 785 0006

In terms of less formal body health and perhaps more suitable to those curious about energy work there is the Diamond Waters Tai Chi school on a south-west corner of Kralendijk. Following the tradition of Tai Chi the Diamond Water's classes are free, and following the tradition of Bonaire, they're held overlooking the water, and yet a third tradition is kept, that student's find this school by word of mouth.

One would like to think living in a Caribbean paradise negates the need for cold remedies and band-aids, but alas, this is not the reality. Local medicines for the common cold, cough and the like, can be purchased at the local Pharmacy situated on the Kralendijk main street, Kaya Grande.

Cycling on Bonaire is becoming a popular, inexpensive, not to mention an environmentally enlightened form of transportation. There are a number of places on Bonaire that offer a variety of cycling services. See our page on Bonaire Scooters and Bikes for more information.

And there we have it, the in's and out's of alternative living on Bonaire via an exploration of the food, fitness, health, and transportation. If anything is found wanting, please don't hesitate to email us.

Author S.J Rendall - Travel writer.

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