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Bonaire Travel::: Safety & Medical

Bonaire is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean but petty crime and theft does exist and would be best described as opportunistic. Use common sense and awareness and your trip should be without incident.

Night Time Safety:
Like the majority of unfamiliar destinations avoid traveling alone at night. This applies especially to women and if possible take safer means of transport such as taxis or cars.

Beach Safety:
Never leave valuables unattended at the beach. Always have someone onshore and if this is not possible leave only the bare minimum such as a towel and a T-shirt (of little value). Be careful of sunburn and choose your sunscreen wisely. For fantastic advice see EWG Top Sun Safety Tips.

Sea Safety:
Be careful of fire coral as it hurts when touched. There are also two types of jelly fish which can sting. One is small clear and circular which has a mild sting and the other is a thin string with colourful lights which cause more pain but are also otherwise harmless. They are more likely to be around during stormy and cloudy weather. The Bonaire Box Banded Jellyfish is a new species and rare but should be avoided as it is dangerous. Moray Eels are harmless when left alone but they can attack if they feel threatened or have been fed by divers or snorkellers. Putting your hand in dark nooks and crannies is also a bad idea. Its unlikely anything will happen but having a respectful attitude in general is the best practice.


Insect Safety:
Use mosquito repellent as Denghi fever is a risk. The mosquito's that carry Denghi are larger and have white stripes and are active during the daytime. Fire ants are tiny but can be very irritating.

Accommodation Safety:
Do not leave irreplaceable items in hotel rooms. Use a safe if possible or leave at the hotel's front desk and ask for an itemized receipt. Always hide your desirable valuables from sight (such as lap tops).

Car Safety:
In Bonaire it is advisable to leave your windows down and doors unlocked. This shows there are no valuables in the car and prevents a window from being smashed, etc. It is especially important when shore diving to do this. Spare tyre/tyre theft can occur so be aware of this when renting a car. Do not fill up your tank all the way as this tempts gas thieves. See Bonaire rental car page.

Street Safety:
Petty street crime is uncommon but does occur so take precautions. The usual drill: don't carry large sums of money, avoid wearing overtly expensive jewelry or clothing and walk in places populated by people.

Bonaire Hospital:
Hospitaal San Francisco (Kaya Soeur Bartola #2, Kralendijk). The hospital has 60 beds. You will need to provide your own blankets, pillows, and sleepwear. Keep in mind, this hospital is not like large hospitals in the U.S.

Phone: +599 717 8900
Fax: +599 717 7990

There is an ambulance plane on call for emergencies.

Bonaire Recompression Chamber:
The hyperbaric recompression chamber is located adjacent to the hospital; admittance is through the emergency room at the hospital. Do not go directly to the Chamber in a dive emergency; go to the hospital emergency room.

Bonaire Ambulance Emergency Number:

The emergency phone number for the ambulance is 114.

Bonaire Police Emergency Numbers:
Call 911 first. This number is manned by one person, so if no one answers, call 717-8000.

STINAPA and Bonaire Marine Park:
To report vandalism on the reef, or marine park violations, please call 717-8444. After business hours call 786-8444.

Bonaire Pharmacies:
Botica Bonaire
N.V. Kaya Grandi 27
Tel: +599 717 8905
Fax: +599 717 8063

Botica Korona
Kaya Korona 180
Tel: +599 717 7552
Fax: +599 717 4855

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