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Bonaire Travel::: Climate & Weather

Bonaire is known for its consistently pleasant climate. The earth has undergone millions of years of transformation and eventually gifted Bonaire with the right ingredients that provide a delicious paradise.

Bonaire Climate

The recipe for a warm, breezy, dry, sunny climate:

1) Location: The latitude of Bonaire is close to the equator at about 12 degrees north. This also means roughly 12 hours of daylight all year.

2) Air Temperature: With an average temperature of 28.7 °C/83.6 Fahrenheit in 2010 you're laughing really. Daily fluctuation is 10 Fahrenheit and seasonal variation is 2.5+- Fahrenheit. The highest temperature in 2010 was 34.2 °C/93.5 Fahrenheit and the lowest was 20.5 °C/68.9 Fahrenheit.

      3) Water Temperature: Water temperatures average a lukewarm 25.6-28.9°C/78-84°F, with visibility averaging over 100 feet/30m, and frequently reaching up to 150 feet /50m

4) Rainfall: Low precipitation at 700mm average in 2010 of which 65% occurs October through January.

5) Sun: 'The sun is shining, the weather is sweet.' Bonaire's sun is shining with around 67.5% throughout the year.

6) Humidity: 79% average in 2010.

7) Topography: The island is shaped so that a high proportion is protected from the Easterly winds.

8) Wind: Bonaire experiences consistent prevailing Easterly tradewinds at an average of 15 mph/25 Kmh or 13.5 knots. This creates an interesting dichotomy between a rough windward Bonaire Weatherside on the East coast and a calm leeward side on the West coast. This leaves the west coast where Kralendijk the capital is located with a soft breeze and perfect water conditions. Not only enjoyed by people but thriving coral reefs too.

Now if you stir these ingredients together it should look like this:

Remember though Bonaire is a small island so weather can change quickly but it will also pass by in a flash. On the whole you can predict mostly sunshine intermittently broken by clouds and occasional drizzle. But always expect the unexpected!

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