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Bonaire Lodging::: Eco lodging

Here you can find our featured Bonaire eco lodging. Eco Lodging is a form of accommodation that minimizes environmental impact, supports efforts to conserve the environment, and strives to operate using renewable energy. Staying in eco lodging is a facet of ecotourism, a style of travel that respects the natural environment and the well-being of the local people.

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Staying in eco lodging on Bonaire is a fantastic way to show your love of Bonaire's beautiful, complex, and fragile ecosystems. Eco lodging in this diver's paradise conserves Bonaire's ecosystems and biodiversity (why people come to the island in the first place) while offering comfortable, relaxing, and sustainable lodging.

Bonaire Lodging  
Auriga Ecolodge
Hans Voerman
Rancho San Minguel

Bonaire Eco Lodging
Auriga EcoLodge takes advantage of Bonaire's sunny skies and runs off solar power (hopefully the first of many residents who will power their homes from the sun). This eco lodging also makes use of their guest's human 'waste' to provide nutrients for a tree re-planting effort on specific terrain adjacent to the eco lodge. Additionally, Auriga EcoLodge has tours that reflect their commitment to Bonaire's ecosystems and will give you the 'down low' on the diverse biological communities across the island and the disturbances they face.

Being a part of important reforestation efforts? Helping to preserve the health of the reefs? What more could you ask for in Bonaire lodging?

Mob Bonaire: +(599) 791-6272

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Bonaire Eco lodge

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